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What is the 4-3-2-1 Plan?


The leaders of Pack 418 are dedicated to providing a fun family oriented program for our scouts. It is through the help of our leaders, committee members, and other involved adults that we are able to accomplish this goal. Without all 3 of these groups we would not have a successful pack.


Pack 418 has a very active leadership, dedicated to the character development of each boy. We are also an active family group, and we encourage sibling and parent participation. Active parent participation is essential to ensure success of the Pack.  We are always interested in finding adults willing to take on the commitment of volunteering as a Den Leader or Committee Member, and encourage anyone interested in taking this step to talk to the Pack Committee Chairman or Cubmaster. However, for the adults who are interested in seeing our Pack continue to be as successful as it is, but are not able to fill one of these roles, the Pack Committee has developed a simple plan to help you help us.


Find 4 (or more) ways to help your son’s den each year. Every adult in the pack has talents, interests and skills that your Den Leader probably doesn’t possess, but would appreciate being put to use in helping the boys complete an achievement, elective or belt loop requirement. Let your Den Leader know about your skills and he/she will gladly help you teach the boys during a den meeting. If you can’t find anything that you can teach the boys, help your Den Leader plan a Den Field Trip. There are hundreds of places to visit within the DFW area and no Den Leader could possibly know all of them. The more you are involved with your son’s den the more he will get out from his time in Scouting.


Attend 3 summer events, 1 per month. Pack 418 tries to provide a full year of programmed activities. During the summer we provide 2 events each month, such as Day Camp, Rain Gutter Regatta, Swimming, Bowling, Trampoline Park, or various other activities that are planned each year.  By attending at least 1 event per month, you help the pack earn our Summertime Activity and Quality Unit Awards. Your Scout will also earn his individual Summertime Activity pin.


Spend 2 days at Summer Day Camp as a chaperone for your scout’s Den. The pack is required by the BSA to provide at the minimum 1 adult per 5 Scouts we send to Day Camp. To meet this goal we need each Scout to provide an adult chaperone for 2 days. If there are not enough chaperones, then adults that have taken the time to attend camp with their son have to be asked to chaperone other boys from our pack or we may have Scouts that will not be able to attend camp, due to the lack of chaperones.


Help with 1 of the major events during the year. Every major event that the pack puts on requires a good deal of planning and support, as well as fresh ideas to keep the scouts interested and entertained. Some examples of areas the pack can always use help in:


  • Fall and Spring Family Outings: activities, cooking, places to visit (camping must be done at Council approved locations, but trips to places like NASA, the battleship Texas and the aircraft carrier Lexington, with programs for scouts are great alternatives to camp outs).
  • Pine Wood Derby: car building workshop, track set up.
  • Blue and Gold Banquet: decorating, getting donations for raffle, gathering activity.
  • Service Projects: providing ideas for ways the scouts and pack can serve the community.
  • Summer events: helping with setting up and organizing existing summer events or providing ideas for new events.