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Den Leader Resources


If you are a new leader in Cub Scouting, here are some key resources that youshould review so that you can get your den or pack up and running, right fromthe start.


New Leader Brochures
This series of brochures was designed to provide an at-a-glance orientation for new Cub Scout leaders.

Tiger Cub Den Leader (13-233) [PDF]
Cub Scout Den Leader (13-239) [PDF]
Webelos Den Leader (13-247) [PDF]
Cubmaster (13-237) [PDF]
Pack Committee Member (13-240) [PDF]

Cub Scout Leader Fast Start

This online training is provided to help you understand and carry out your responsibilities as a new den leader, pack leader, or committeemember. Be sure to review it before your first meeting.

Welcome, New Den Leader (13-231) [PDF]
This brochure provides a quick overview of the Cub Scout program along with helpful information for new leaders.

New Cub Scout Leader Kit (13-134)
The New Cub Scout Leader Kit is provided by local councils to new Cub Scout leaders in the fall of each year to help them get their units off to a successful start.

Program Ideas for Your First Month of Den Meetings (13-232) [PDF]
If there are any new boys in your Wolf, Bear, or Webelos den, use these program ideas to help them earn their Bobcat badge, which every boy in Cub Scouting must complete.

The Pack's First Three Months (13-010) [PDF]
This brochure was developed to help leaders get a new or reorganized unit off to a great start. This brochure is also available
in Spanish [PDF]

Cub Scouting Highlights (13-513)
This brochure provides an overview of all the resources available to you as a Cub Scout leader, including literature, training opportunities, special programs, areas of emphasis, and other tools for success.

Pack Planning Resources

As you gear up for another great season of Cub Scouting, here are some of the basic documents you’ll need to run your Cub Scout dens. We’ve scanned all of our Cub Scouting resources looking for the most pertinent items, then added some notes of our own. You can quickly see what these documents contain without having to open each one.

Note that these are Adobe Portable Document files (.PDF), which you can print directly or send out for professional printing. Many of these are readily available and can be ordered through your district executive at no charge. In your order, please refer to them by name and number.

Highly Recommended

Program Ideas for Your First Month of Den Meetings, No. 510-232
If you are starting out with brand-new Cub Scouts, “Bobcats All” is the theme, and this little piece is pure gold. It is handy for new den leaders as well, making everything simple and straightforward. (8 pages)

Cub Scout Program Helps for New Den and Pack Leaders, No. 331-118
Perhaps the most essential document for new den leaders, this is their recipe book for three full months of den activity. The online edition covers all types of den plans for November 2009 through January 2010. (32 pages) These are available in a bound edition, for an entire year of program, through ScoutStuff.

2009–2010 Program Planning Insert, No. 13-34409
This is an especially helpful item in the annual Program Planning conference. The core is a planning chart that gives an individual leader the big picture of how den meetings should fit into advancement and the full year’s calendar of activities. (8 pages)

Also Helpful 

Welcome, New Den Leader, No. 510-231
A very basic primer for the brand-new leader, it contains an exhaustive list of literature and other resources. (6 pages)

Cub Scout Outdoor Program Guidelines, No. 510-631
This booklet gives a comprehensive view of outdoor Cub Scouting and directs the reader to more resources. You’ll find that it is an essential part of program planning meetings. (8 pages)

This Is Scouting, No. 511-003
A page promoting the new training video that replaces New Leader Essentials. This is a good handout for use at roundtables and basic training sessions.

So You’re a New Pack Committee Member, No. 510-240
Introduction to the role includes a bulleted list of tasks and rewards of volunteering. It’s a useful handout for any training activity. Similar treatment is provided in the publications below (4 pages each):

Cub Scout Pack Newsletter and Calendar Templates
A handy set of Microsoft Excel tools to help you communicate with the pack community. These have been pulled together for issues through 2010.